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Caravan Servicing Rochdale

Motorhome and caravan servicing Rochdale

If your caravan or motorhome is in need of a service, our NCC approved workshop is the place to visit. Our fully trained technicians will carry out a full and extensive service, using genuine parts whenever possible, and always in conformance with your vehicle manufacturer’s latest specifications. We check all of the following systems and features, and can provide you with a quote for any additional repairs that may be needed.

We check the operation and condition of internal and external lighting, awning lights, and clean the vehicle’s reflectors. We also check for proper sealant and the sealant condition of external lighting fixtures.

Wiring and electrical
We check all wiring, mains sockets, earth connection, plugs, fuses and pin plugs which are replaced if needed. We also perform an RCD unit check and the operation of MCBs.

We will charge and check your battery including lubrication terminal checks, electrolyte level checks and the security of the battery.

Smoke alarm
We will test the operation and condition of your vehicle’s smoke alarm.

We will check the operation of your large appliances including your fridge and cooker. We check the security, exhaust and vents of these appliances. We also perform gas supply checks on these appliances, this includes testing the fridge for cooling, and the cooker for operation.

Gas Supply
We perform a gas pressure test on the vents, flues and rubber gas pipe. We also check gas dispersal holes for blockage, test the appliances and water heater, the gas cylinder for security and perform a general gas leak test.

Waste and Water System
We perform checks on the taps, shower, hot water system and toilet. We also check the operation of the water pump, check for any leaks and clean the filter. We also perform a drain down in winter to prevent burst pipes.

Windows and Doors
We check all windows and doors for security, sealant condition and general condition. We will check the window stays, window and door locks, hinges, grab handles and general operation. We also lubricate doors and windows if necessary.

We perform a damp metre test, where readings are then recorded on a damp report.

Wheels and Tyres
We check all tyres including the spare tyre for condition and pressure, and asses the age. All wheels and tyres are checked for damage and distortion also.

Suspension and Brakes
We check the operation of the handbrake and then lubricate if necessary. We also then check brakes, removing the brake drums and brake shoes for inspection and cleaning, they are then adjusted if necessary. We also perform checks on the vehicle suspension and shock absorbers if these are fitted.

Running Gear
Our running gear checks include:
• Checks on the damper for leaks and efficiency
• Corner steadies for damage and lubrication
• Jockey wheel inspection and lubrication
• Coupling head and safety catch checks for wear and lubrication.

We will check the vehicle’s chassis for security, lubricate the legs and inspect the brake linkage.

We check the floor for any delamination.

We are an approved centre for all of the following vehicle manufacturers:
• Alde
• Whale
• Tyron
• Spinflo
• Truma
• Dometic
• Al-Ko
• Thetford
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